Very easy method to make breadcrumbs!

Our recipe for today is Rumali Roti Recipe. Yes, today I will tell you how many rumali roti do you make? We can eat it with potato vegetable, cauliflower or any other vegetable. Rumali bread makes a bit more time in making, but its taste is very fancy. That's why we make it on special days. Here, I will tell you to cook the Rumali Roti recipe Step by Step, it takes more than 25 minutes to make the Rumali Roti. So let's see that the easiest way to make breadcrumbs ... is to show us some of these things to make it ....

Rumali bread making ingredients: -

All purpose flour: 200 gms

Milk: 250 gms

Water: 50 grams

Salt: 1 tsp

You are reading the very easy method of making rumali bread! If you want, you can also create: # 1. 3 easiest bread, bouquet and chapatti recipe !! How to make Roti? step-by step with photo.

Method of making breadcrumbs: -

First, take out the flour in a bowl and add some milk to it.

2. Do not add the entire milk / water at the same time, add little milk / water and make the flour (dough) of its bread flour.

3. We will leave it with a cotton cloth for 10 minutes.

4. Then take any heavy and full vessel (like embroidery) of the house and reverse it, put it on the gas and let it burn and let it heat.

5. Then take a little water in a small bowl and add salt and some water to it and mix it.

6. Take the gram flour again and mix it once again.

7. Then make small pieces of it and bell it.

8. We are able to make them thin by getting the help of dry maida.

9. Then lift the bucket rolling over the balloon.

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10. Now your embroidery must have become hot, now add some salt water to it and give it a cotton cloth.

11. Then you had roasted the roasted peals like you used to rotate it in the opposite direction.

12. Turn it back three to four seconds.

13. Then press him around with the help of a cloth.

14. Then take him out.

And our bread is ready, it will heat up the heat with any vegetable.


If you do not have milk, then you can also mix flour with water.

Do not add whole milk / water at the same time by adding a little milk / water.

For small roti, small foil is cut and it is very thin, so that it starts appearing.

When you make the bread, you can make the embroidery or anything you are making, it should be warm.

Before making the Rumali bread, do not stick the bread with the salt water on the embroidery, and the roti becomes soft.

It takes more than 10 seconds to make a roti. That is why if you have an extra ballon in your house then you take 2-3 roti together, and then burn the gas.

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